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Kyrgyzstan is an unknown paradise. Choose What You Need!

The nomad country will welcome you: You will enjoy from the lake shores of Issyk Kul to the high mountains that cover more than 80% of the country surface. The local cuisine will surprise you while you sleep in a Yurt and enjoy from the local hospitality. The country has more to offer than you think. Amazing roads for all levels of adventure you and accommodation in local homes, yurt camp or hotels across the country.

From late spring to early autumn you will enjoy the ideal weather conditions. You can enjoy this country all year around but Kyrgyzstan reaches ideal temperatures (15ºC - 25 °C) from late April until late September. Bishkek and Osh get high temperatures in summer time and that is why tourism in Issyk-Kul lake and more mountainous regions is so popular. For high mountain lovers there are summits that will have snow all year around.

Getting to Bishkek is as easy as it can get. The list of countries extent of visa keeps increasing and the implementation of the E-Visa program makes it easy for tourists to come. In recent years, the number of planes coming to The Kyrgyz Republic has increased making this amazing country completely accessible from all around the glove.

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.” - John F. Kennedy

Marco Polo & Ibex Expedition

Photographic Adventure in the Wildest Kyrgyzstan!

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