One-day tours

Ala-Archa National Park: Ratzek Hut


Description: Located inside the Ala-Archa national park (40 kilometers from Bishkek), Ratzek Hut (3200 meters above sea level) is one of the most challenging trails around Bishkek area and needs a mountaineering level guide.


Approximately 3.5- 4 hour trail from the parking lot will take you to Ratzek hut, at the foothill of 4000+ meter peaks like Adygene Peak (4404m), Jylamysh Bashy Peak (4150 m), Kirova Peak (4200 m), Panfilov Peak (4300 m). After resting, 3-3.5 hour back to the parking lot. Then transfer to Bishkek.


P.S. There might be some small changes in the programs due to weather conditions.