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AFA Travel in Motoviajeros #82 (Feb 2022)

Today we echo the publication of our friends of Motoviajeros magazine, in its issue number 82, February 2022, which in its central article of Great Trips, they dedicate it to Kyrgyzstan and AFA Travel.

We had the pleasure of hosting these biker visitors last summer in their challenge to travel the five continents with classic road bikes, we won’t say old ones.

Francisco Guitián and Eva Menduiña tell us in this article written with great affection and passion how was their trip, and the impressions they had during their visit.

The article, accompanied by great and spectacular photos, extends from page 52 to page 86, and both for those of you who are passionate about motorcycles, as well as those who are curious to learn more about this extraordinary country that is Kyrgyzstan, we recommend you to read it.

Special thanks to the editor of the magazine, Quique Arenas for his review, and we hope it inspires more bikers to visit us and enjoy the wonderful landscapes and routes that Kyrgyzstan offers to adventurers, lovers of motorcycles and freedom, and those looking for something different in tourism, or just a quality rest in an ancient and different culture.

We always love to read the experiences of our tourists, and we appreciate their tokens of affection.

Here is the link to the magazine so you can enjoy the article, and the rest of the magazine. A classic for lovers of two wheels.

Do you like motorcycles? So do we.

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