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Longest Shurdak of Naryn 2022

On July 20, 2022 a festival called “The Longest Shurdak of Naryn” will take place. Artisans from Naryn province will make a 100-meter long Shurdak. The place will be the Son Kul Lake in Baatay Aral yurt camp.

The Kyrgyz began using felt to make carpets and other household items as far back as ancient times. Several factors influenced the development and refinement of the art of these Kyrgyz carpets: living conditions, climate, natural conditions and other social factors.

Shurdak or Shyrdak is the most popular felt carpet in Kyrgyzstan today. It is made using the mosaic technique, which is in fact one of the most difficult. The most important feature of a Shurdak is its durability, which is a measure of its quality at the same time. A good carpet can last about a hundred years, sometimes even more.

Two types of felt are used in the manufacturing process. In the top layer a thinner felt is used, on which the design patterns are laid, while the bottom layer is made with a thicker layer of felt, usually brown or black. The ornamentation is first applied on the piece with a chalk, and the design is cut out with the help of a sharp knife. The pieces of dyed felt are folded together and sewn.

One of the elements of the carpet making technique is the padding or shyryk (this is where the name shyrdak comes from), which makes the carpet comfortable and durable.

In 2012 the traditional production of felt carpets was included by UNESCO in the list of intangible and cultural heritage of mankind.

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