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Enylcheck, the ghost town.

Enylcheck, in Kyrgyzstan, was once a thriving mining town of 5,000 inhabitants, but after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 the mines closed. Now, only 30 families are left living among the decay. Many of the remaining residents are shepherds who take their sheep and horses to graze in the beautiful Sary-Jaz valley, part of the Khan-Tengri National Park. Other residents work as park rangers.
However, most of Enylcheck is a ghost town. The buildings are abandoned and there is no money to rebuild them. Although the buildings were stripped of any valuable contents long ago, broken masonry and other debris litter the old streets.

Enylcheck is in a remote area near the Chinese border, within a 30-mile safety zone. The silence is broken only by the wind, a dry, dusty wind blowing steadily over the ghost town. The region is rich in mineral deposits of tin, tungsten and molybdenum. Today it is rumored that a Chinese company has bought the rights to the old mines and may reopen them in the future. The few inhabitants of Enylcheck hope that this will happen and that the local population will regain their jobs. Maybe someday the unfinished buildings that are all over the place will be finished.

With AFA we have proposed to take you this year to visit first hand this incredible place, decadent but surrounded by hope. Combined with a stay in the only guesthouse, a natural hot springs and the sight of the giant 7010 m Khan Tengri we are sure you will not easily forget this visit.

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