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Opening of the 2024 season

In Kyrgyzstan, the seasons mark the lives of its inhabitants. We all look forward to spring with great anticipation. It is when we rush out into nature, which is just waking up and wants to leave behind the white of the ice for the intense shades of green.

Families take advantage of the first shy rays of sunshine to go out on weekends to any of the many places we have near Bishkek to eat, play or have a memorable nap after the feast if the screaming children allow it.

It is also now when AFA is boiling with activity. All the winter work has to be verified. New routes have to be traveled and new tourism partners will be visited to get to know us and thus start a good relationship from day one.

The endless hours in the heat of the central heating and in front of a map pay off. We discard and add, correct and lengthen. All done with the illusion of the actor who is about to go on stage. With the same illusion that a child has when he receives his first bicycle, or a mare from the Jyrgalan valley when she sees for the first time the foal that she has gestated during the harsh winter and that helps her to stand up with her head.

From Jyrgalan we will walk up the valley of Altyn Arashan, or ride a motorcycle through the beautiful circle of the “rookie” Semenovka combined with the star Grigorievka.

We bet on the post-Soviet world of Enylchek, the solvent “stuntman” of the Barskoon valley and the risky “Raztek” refuge in the heart of our most beloved park, Ala Archa, just 40 minutes from the capital.

Full of illusion because the show is about to begin, we said goodbye to four friends from Menorca who arrived in Bishkek as clients. A huge trekking tour has been the starting signal for what is going to be a great season 2024. By motorcycle, on foot or on horseback, we are waiting for you with open arms in Kyrgyzstan. From Asia for Adventure we wish you a great summer, full of travels, experiences and Nature!

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