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Since the origin of their times, the so-called Kyrgyz have been a nomadic ethnic group that used to move continuously through the valleys and mountains of the region with all their livestock, and today, a large part of the population of Kyrgyzstan still leads a traditional nomadic life, not very different from what their ancestors used to lead. In the summer, from June to September, you will find hundreds of nomadic camps everywhere, both on the roadside and in the most remote mountains, where they settle in order to let their horses, cows, sheep and so on graze freely. Not only is this culture interesting and unique, but in few places in the world is nomadic culture as accessible as in Kyrgyzstan, and in each of these camps, you are more than welcome to eat or sleep in their yurt, observe and even assist in their daily chores, whether it is milking their cows or making butter.Nomads are, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan.

From high altitude alpine lakes, velvet green hills, snow-capped peaks over 7,000 meters and huge valleys with wildflowers, Kyrgyzstan has some of the most breathtaking scenery you will ever see and for this reason, you will want to spend most of your time in Nature.Plus, best of all, because nomads need to settle during the summer months, many of the places are accessible by car.

Horses are as much a part of nomadic culture as their yurts, with Kyrgyz learning to ride almost as much as they walk. From epic horseback treks over 4,000-meter mountain passes to dozens of herds grazing through dreamy green pastures. If you are a fan of horses, then Kyrgyzstan is the trip for you.

Kyrgyzstan is not a place famous for having a large number of ruins and heritages belonging to the famous and classic Silk Road, as for example Uzbekistan. However, the ones it does possess are impressive, with Tash Rabat at the top of the list, and these are always located in the most epic places. It is incredible to think how, for centuries, hundreds of traders roamed those roads and mountains with their camels and horses.

Tourism is growing exponentially. Now is the time to visit this incredible Central Asian country, where the whole infrastructure still has balance and logical sense.

“Adventure is a state of mind and a way of life.”

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