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Trekking and mountaineering

If you want to discover a new destination in trekking or high mountain mode, Kyrgyzstan is your country. As a reference we will tell you that Bloomberg and CNN Travel agencies included Kyrgyzstan in the list of the most recommended new countries to visit and Lonely Planet included it in the “Top 10 countries” recommended to discover. This former republic of the former USSR still maintains its nomadic character, wild and far from Western tourism. It would be like visiting Nepal in the 80s.

The trekking in Kyrgyzstan in the great mountains of the Tian-Shan range have been nicknamed the Patagonia of Central Asia. It is a country of barely 5 million inhabitants that shows us all the greatness of Asia collected in absolutely virgin mountain landscapes and away from the usual massification of other western mountain ranges. Asia for Adventure presents what we consider one of the Top 10 wildest and most inhospitable treks on our planet. A program with our own stamp made by our guides full of adventure, nomadic immersion and postcard landscapes that offer a true disconnection with the western world. A mixture of Siberian lakes, Himalayan mountains, deep Russian forests, Mongolian steppes or Chinese deserts. All this can be found concentrated in a country with an area half the size of Spain, where nomadic culture and hospitality become a priceless human attraction.

"It is in mountain climbing where we learn the true measure of ourselves."

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