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The Khan’s Dream

From May to October

15 days/14 nights

8-16 people

What awaits you

Experience without limits. An unforgettable trip, where we will have time to delve deep into the valleys and lakes of Kyrgyzstan. The valleys of Chon Kemin, Grigorevka or jetty Oguz will leave you breathless. A program that explores without haste, even sleeping two nights in several places, the most imposing, to slowly appreciate what our retinas see. Sunsets on Lake Son Kul on horseback are not easily forgotten. We will visit one of the oldest caravanserais in Central Asia, Tash Rabat, at an altitude of over 3000 meters. We will make incredible treks through various valleys, and we can participate in many cultural initiatives such as cooking classes of the most typical dishes, learn how to ride a yurt in a group, attend hunting with eagles and hawks or an incredible and colorful Kyrgyz folklore show.

Route map

-Transfer from the hotel to the airport and viceversa
-Transfers during the trip, according to program
-English-speaking or Spanish-speaking guide (subject to availability)
-Guide for the horseback riding tours
-Picnic lunch according to program
-Meals in guesthouse according to program
-Stay in double room (Hotel ***) according to program
-Stay in yurts (4-6 people per yurt)
-Entrance fees to places of historical interest
-Entrance fees to the gorges and national parks
-Kayak rental
-Entrance to museums, according to the program
-Demonstration of local cuisine
-Access to bazaars to buy souvenirs
-Sightseeing tour of downtown Bishkek
-International airport rates
-Single room supplement
-Advance check-in
-Cost of visa or assistance with obtaining a visa (if required)
-Alcohol or additional personal expenses
-Other services not specifically included
-Medical or similar tests
-Personal equipment
-Telephones, Internet or local telecommunications
-Accommodations not specified in the program
-Entrance fees to spas, swimming pools, spas and hot springs
-Tips for service personnel
-Lunches during transfers (road cafes)

Hiking boots, hydration equipment, and emergency food. Hat, appropriate trekking backpack, sleeping bag (rental upon request), knife type multi-tool, appropriate clothing for the weather, first aid kit, mountain glasses, sun cream, stomach and head medication. We recommend to get in the hands of an expert advisor before coming to make the first trekking of your life or high mountain ascent of your life.

They can be guesthouses, local people's houses, yurts (traditional Kyrgyz nomad tents) or tents.

There are times when we have to give up for our safety, this is the main and most important objective that we transmit to our guides. Their professional opinion is the one that will determine the future of the expedition. The company will not be responsible for clients who do not respect the guide's decisions.

No, it is not necessary to have any previous knowledge or experience. 99% of the clients who come to ride with us, have never ridden before, because they do the activity as a first contact with the horse world.

Yes, 80% of the horses used for the guided tours are horses adapted to all types of clients, from 5 year old children to the elderly.

If you know how to ride you will have no problem, as we have several braver horses for riders with experience in handling and cantering. In the case of clients with proven experience, more freedom is given to the user to gallop and go more freely during the route.

No, the saddles used for horseback riding are classic saddles, which are more comfortable for inexperienced clients.

Yes, before the horseback riding tour, a short explanation is given about the handling of the horse, postures and recommendations to follow during the ride.

No, the activity can be done with conventional clothing. We recommend seasonal clothing for the top and long trousers without consturas, (type mesh or similar), to avoid the rubbing of the horse's hair with the skin of the client, to avoid chafing. Mountain or sport shoes are recommended.

No. Kyrgyzstan does not require a visa for Spanish citizens for stays of less than 60 days. For other EEC and Latin American citizens, please consult. Necessary requirements. Passport valid for 6 months. Completed immigration form handed out on the plane. Air ticket to leave the country. Countries around similar, ask before.

There is no mandatory vaccination for Spaniards in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asian countries. Mandatory yellow fever vaccine for endemic countries. It is always advisable to have tetanus, hepatitis and typhoid vaccines.

In Kyrgyzstan all selected accommodations have a special charm, selected for some reason always. We will use the establishments indicated in the program or of the same category.

In Kyrgyzstan you can have all different climates on the same day. In July and August it is hot and dry, but in the mountains the weather is unpredictable. Outside the central summer months always bring warm clothes. It usually snows from November onwards.

Kyrgyzstan and the surrounding countries are very safe, politically stable and have a low rate of common crime.

Normally from Europe you fly via Istanbul. There are no direct flights from Spain. The price is around 450 euros round trip, and the total transfer time is about 12 hours.

Additional notes

All the planned hikes are designed so that a person in normal physical condition can do them.
During the trip there will be the possibility of having laundry service that should be coordinated with the guide for safety.


1 - Home city - Bishkek
Departure by international flight to the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Overnight on board. Accommodation: Accommodation only.
- - -
2 - Arrival in Bishkek and city tour
Early morning arrival in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Welcome at the airport by our guide Terres and transfer to the hotel to rest. After breakfast we will go out to visit the city of Bishkek founded in 1825. As a young capital it has no monuments to show, but it does have curious sites such as the Victory Square, the Lenin Statue or the lively Lenin Statue or the lively Osh Bazaar. Located three kilometers from the central square, in the western part of the city, the Osh Bazaar was opened in 1982 when the bazaar was inaugurated in 1982 when the city still had its Soviet name of Frunze. Strolling through this curious market will give us an idea of how authentic the country is. It is a huge space where hundreds of small shops with lively vendors offer small stores with lively vendors offer all kinds of nuts, vegetables, spices, delicacies, clothes, shoes... An endless labyrinth where you can find anything and at the best price. Overnight in Hotel.
B - D
3 - Hiking through the Alamedin Gorge
13 Km
3:00 hh
480 m
We started our adventure in Kyrgyz lands visiting one of the most beautiful places that exist near the city of Bishkek, the Alamedin Gorge. the city of Bishkek, the gorge of Alamedin. Less known than its neighboring Ala Archa, Alamedin will give us the opportunity to Alamedin will give us the opportunity to warm up our engines for the days ahead. Without haste, we will begin to ascend the valley surrounded by majestic views. Great mountains with snow-capped peaks, forests, meadows, cattle and the river will delight our eyes, cattle and the river will delight our way. Today's goal is to reach the Alamedin waterfall, a beautiful waterfall. waterfall. We will have a picnic lunch somewhere by the river before returning to Bishkek. Rest of the day free to enjoy the fun city and have lunch in one of its restaurants. Overnight in hotel.
Half board + Picnic Lunch
4 - Rafting on the Chu River
After breakfast we will head to the Chu River for nothing more and nothing less than... Rafting! Rafting, one of the most one of the most fun activities you can do in one of the most picturesque places in Kyrgyzstan, the Chon-Kemin Valley. Chon-Kemin Valley. We will arrive at the river bank where instructors and boats will be waiting for us. There are no changing rooms here so we recommend you to wear your swimsuit. We will be given the rafting equipment and the safety vest and we will be ready for the rafting trip. We are ready for the adventure, well prepared, we will go to the water where a professional instructor, who will be with us during the whole instructor, who will be with us during the whole tour, will explain in detail the safety instructions and rules. instructions and rules. The 20km descent down the river runs through waters that in some sections produce small rapids, but it is an easy activity and suitable for all levels. but it is an easy activity and suitable for everyone. We will then transfer to the Chong Kemin Natural Park, which will be our base camp for two nights. our base camp for two nights. Overnight at a local hotel.
Half board + Picnic Lunch
5 - Chong Kemin Trekking - Ascent to Kalmak Ashuu Pass
15 Km
5:00 hh
700 m
Today it is time to discover the Chon-Kemin Natural Park and the best way to do it is by doing our first trekking. first trekking. The park comprises a gorge, a valley and the river of the same name. With an altitude of around 1,400-2,800m, it represents a unique natural complex, with a length of 80km between the mountains of the Kungey and Alajuela ranges. mountains of the Kungey Ala-Too and Zailii ranges, parallel to the Kazakhstan border. Rich in biodiversity in its green pastures, spruce and coniferous forests, mountain lakes and spectacular views of the Kichi Mountains. spectacular views of the mountains Kichi-Kemin (4220m), Alisher Novo (4170m) and Teke Tor (4190m). Also also has a great variety of animals including partridges, golden pheasants, hares, wild boars and mountain sheep. and mountain sheep. Also, its forests are known throughout the country host many varieties of mushrooms, berries and herbs. herbs. After breakfast and equipped with a picnic we will start walking. Our objective will be to reach the Kalmak Ashuu of Kalmak Ashuu (3.447m), a unique place for its beauty from where we will get good panoramic views. panoramic views. It is a circular route of about five hours approximately. Overnight in a local hotel.
6 - Konorchok Canyon and Issyk Kul Lake
Today we will head to one of the most special places in Kyrgyzstan, Issyk Kul Lake. Surrounded by spectacular spectacular scenery it is the second largest alpine lake in the world after the famous Lake Titicaca. Located at 1,620 m above sea level, with a length of 182 km long by 60 km wide and with a depth of 700 meters, this particular lake is the second largest alpine lake in the world after the famous Lake Titicaca. depth of 700 meters, this particular lake is a favorite vacation destination for Kyrgyz people. The shore of the lake itself belongs to the Issyk Kul National Park and is a mixture of reed fields, meadows, canyons and lagoons where you can spend hours walking, swimming or relaxing on its beaches. In fact, the lake and its and its crystalline waters have a particularity that make it very special, despite the low winter temperatures and the glaciers and the glaciers that surround it, it never freezes. For this reason the locals call it the “warm sea”. the “warm sea”. Such a curious place of extreme beauty has been since ancient times a place conducive to create all kinds of legends about villages that disappeared. legends about villages that disappear in its waters and caravans that never arrived. We are, then, in a magical place. Before arriving we will stop at one of the most beautiful places in the country, the “Grand Canyon” of Kyrgyzstan, Konorchok. We will walk through the reddish rock labyrinths of the canyon to admire the grandiose beauty of the Tien Shan Mountains. beauty of the Tien Shan Mountains. Our goal will be to reach the Aeolian Castles area from where we will be able to admire the majestic admire the majestic surroundings. Overnight at local hotel.
7 - Hiking in the Grigorievka Gorge
Today we will drive to Chon Ak-Suu, also known as Grigorievka Gorge, a fascinating place. fascinating place. During the summer the pastures of the gorge turn green and it is then that the Kyrgyz shepherds begin the jalioo. shepherds begin the jalioo. For centuries the nomads have moved their herds up and down the mountains of the country, defining the the country's mountains, thus defining seasonal pastures that coincide with the four seasons; winter (kyshtoo), winter (kyshtoo), spring (jazdoo), summer (jailoo) and autumn (kyzdoo). When summer begins Chon Ak-Suu becomes the ideal place for jalioo with meadows and wide gorges with plenty of vegetation and and wide gorges with lots of vegetation and water, which makes many families settle down. Today we will take a leisurely hike through this wonderful valley. Our goal will be to reach a small lake lake where we will have a picnic lunch. We will return to the bus following a path near the river, surrounded by meadows and forests. surrounded by meadows and forests. From Gregorievka we will cross over a pass into the neighboring Semenovka valley and from there we will travel to Tepke where we have our accommodation. to Tepke where we have our accommodation for tonight, a very peculiar local eco farm. Overnight at local eco farm.
8 - Kayaking and biking on Issyk Kul Lake
Today is a day of adventure sports and we will use the kayak and bicycles as a means of transportation. transportation. After breakfast, departure to Lipenka, near Karakol. There, after a short briefing, we will take the kayaks and start our trip. kayaks and start our 12 km trip to our end point. It will be a leisurely navigation where we can enjoy the views and the incredible experience of paddling in such an idyllic place. We will have a picnic lunch lunch at the disembarkation and later we will change the kayaks for the bicycles. Pedaling we will reach the village of Tepke 11 km away from the starting point. Overnight in a local eco farm.
Full board
9 - Jety Oguz gorge
After breakfast we will say goodbye to the eco farm and its peculiar host and head for the mountains. Tonight our first yurt experience awaits us! Following the northern shore of the lake we will reach the turnoff that will take us to one of the most beautiful valleys in the country, Jety Oguz. country, Jety Oguz. Before entering a winding gorge following the river, we will make a stop to admire the beauty of the reddish admire the beauty of the reddish mountains of the broken heart and the seven oxen. Legend has it that the local king had a particularly beautiful daughter. His wish was for her to marry a man of high man of high lineage, as befitted her social position. But the princess, as expected, fell in love with a lower class man. fell in love with a lower-class man. The father objected strongly, causing the princess to run away with her love. with her love. Upon learning of this, the king sent a military detachment to search for her. When they found them, they executed the young man in the act that made him sick and the princess died, her heart had been broken in two. That heart was left in the mountains as proof of the greatest love. Next to the broken heart we can also see the mountain of the seven oxen, which, according to the fable, are the seven sons of a king who, when he did not wear the sons of a king who, when they did not agree to divide their father's inheritance, the wise men turned them into rocks as a punishment. as punishment. We will continue our way along a track that crosses, using rudimentary wooden bridges, the river on several occasions. several times. Finally, we will arrive at Jety Oguz a scenic wonder that will allow us to enjoy the hiking in the area and, if it is the season, even mushroom hunting! Tonight will be a special night, as we will give the start of our nights in yurts under starry skies. Night in a shared yurt camp for 4-6 people.
10 - Barskoon Gorge, Skazka Canyon and Kajy Sai Beach
After breakfast we will leave for the village of Kajy Sai on the shores of the great lake. Before arriving for lunch we will lunch we will stop at two spectacular places, Barskoon and Skazka. Driving along the southern shore of Issyk Kul lake we will reach the spectacular Barskoon. The length of the gorge is about 30 km and stretches between the mountains of Terskey Ala-Too. It is undoubtedly a tourist attraction for its natural beauty as well as for its cultural attractions. On the road that passes through the valley unusual monuments such as a Soviet truck on a platform and the bust of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. We will walk to the first Bol de Manas waterfall and, depending on the weather, we will try to visit the rest of the visit the rest of the waterfalls such as Leopard's Tear and Barba Aksakalava. The next stop will be the Skazka canyon, known as “Fairy Tale”, with its spectacular lunar landscapes and mountains of amazing shapes. and mountains of amazing shapes resembling dragons and princesses, an idyllic place. We will arrive for lunch at our curious accommodation today, a curious guesthouse. After lunch, weather After lunch, weather permitting, we have the opportunity to relax on the banks of the Issyk Kul or take a warm mineral water bath in a bath in warm mineral water in a Soviet-era resort. Overnight in guesthouse (local hotel)
11 - Caravasarai by Tash Rabat
After breakfast we will depart for the town of Naryn where we will have lunch with a local family. Naryn is a long and narrow town, situated between impressive red sandstone cliffs on one side and rolling green hills on the other. the other, stretching for about 15 km along the wide river of the same name. of the same name. A short distance from the Torugart border and at an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level is the ancient caravanserai of Torugart. the ancient caravanserai of Tash Rabat, our destination today. A caravanserai or caravanserai, from Persian “Caranavi” (travelers) and “saray” (inn), was a building located along the great communication routes of the Muslim world, especially those of the of the Muslim world, especially those of the Silk Road, destined to welcome the caravans at the end of a stage of a journey. at the end of a stage of the journey. Tash Rabat is probably the most well-preserved place and no other has preserved so much of its original atmosphere. original atmosphere. The year of construction is unknown, but there is archaeological evidence that shows that the site was inhabited in the the site was inhabited in the 10th century. Located in a small and beautiful valley in the foothills of the Tian Shan, embedded against the mountain, there is evidence that it was a place of rest and worship that would have served to protect the caravans to China, both from the ravages of the caravans to China, both from the ravages of the climate and from bandits, before the time of Tamerlane. the time of Tamerlane or Genghis Khan. Legend has it that the caravanserai was built by a father and son. When they were finishing the work, only the work, for only the dome remained, a caravan approached. The son went to greet the travelers, but his father said, “No, we finished first. said, “No, we finish this work first,” but the young man did not listen to his father and went to greet the caravan. Among the travelers was a beautiful young woman, and he fell madly in love with her. The caravan went on its way and the boy went with her, leaving his father alone and the dome unfinished. We will visit the legendary site and take a walk in the surrounding area. Overnight in shared yurt camp for 4-6 people.
Full board
12 - Ascent to Panda Pass
23 Km
8:00 hh
1000 m
Hoy, después del desayuno, realizaremos uno de los trekkings más bonitos que tiene Kirguistán, el ascenso al Panda Pass, situado a 4.050 m, y el que fue, antiguamente, el paso natural para las caravanas que iban y venían de China. La caminata la dividiremos en dos tramos, un primer tramo hasta el mirador y un segundo que será el propio ascenso. El primer tramo empezará desde el propio campamento de yurtas. Desde allí saldremos en dirección a la caravansarai y, en ese punto, giraremos para poner rumbo al valle del Panda. Es un paseo largo pero tranquilo por un fascinante valle de montaña, rodeados de yaks y marmotas. En la parte final subiremos, recorriendo el río, hasta el punto que llamamos, nosotros, Mirador del Panda. Allí pararemos a descansar con unas vistas de película y es que, delante de nosotros, se abrirá majestuoso, un muro de piedra descomunal. Justo en este punto es donde empieza la parte con más inclinación, así que, los que no quieran seguir, podrán volver tranquilamente hacia el campamento. Quienes prefieran hacer cumbre por delante nos esperará la etapa más dura, ya que desde este punto el camino sube serpenteando hasta lo alto del collado. Aproximadamente serán unas 02:30 horas de subida. El esfuerzo merecerá la pena y es que la recompensa por nuestra llegada al Panda Pass será una impresionante vista panorámica del lago Chatyr Kul, la frontera con China. Noche en campamento de yurtas compartidas 4-6 personas.
Full board
13 - Song Kul Lake
In the morning, after breakfast, we will leave for Son-Kul Lake. The translation of its name means “the last lake” and is located practically in the center of Kyrgyzstan. With an altitude of 3,016 m above sea level, it is the second highest lake in Kyrgyzstan. sea level, it is the second largest lake in the country, with a length of 29 km long and 18 km wide and a maximum depth of 13.2 m (13.2 ft). a maximum depth of 13.2 m. Son-Kul is surrounded by a high mountain plateau and is treeless. The grasslands are rich and are therefore used by the shepherds of Kochkor, Naryn and At-Bashi as “jalioo” pastures for their herds. for their herds. During the summer, visitors can find many people and animals, as well as several yurt camps. several yurt camps. In fact, there is evidence that shepherds have been coming here since ancient times. ancient times. There are small stone arrangements and circles that will make you wonder how they got here and what their purpose was. what their purpose was. Today we will spend the day in the area and meet the nomadic families who live there. In the evening, we will be able to observe how a traditional dinner is cooked and taste it afterwards. It is important to keep in mind that the weather in this area is very changeable. The locals say that in one day you can experience all four seasons. seasons, therefore, it is necessary to bring warm clothes and waterproof jackets. There is no village in Son Kul, no cell phone connection, no internet, not even hot water. It is a unique experience in which we surrounded by nature in its wild state. For this reason, and due to the fact that the availability of accommodation is very availability of accommodation is very limited, today we will share a yurt. Overnight in shared yurt camp for 4-6 people.
Full board
14 - Song Kul. Horseback riding excursion
Today we will enjoy the beauty of Song Kul Lake and those who wake up at dawn will enjoy one of the most spectacular and mystical sunrises you can remember or experience. the most spectacular and mystical sunrises you can remember or experience. After breakfast we will go out to discover the surroundings, but not on foot but on horseback, just as the locals have done for centuries. It will be a 5 hours excursion approximately. At the end we will return to the camp for lunch. Overnight in shared yurt camp for 4-6 people.
Full board
15 - Burana Tower
Unfortunately, the days in the country of the 40 tribes are coming to an end and today, after breakfast, we will say goodbye to Song Kul Lake and its sights to return to Bishkek. Song Kul lake and its sights to return to Bishkek. On the way, we will stop at the ancient city Balasagun, which was the capital of the Karakhanidi Empire (9th-12th century), and home to one of the few architectural icons of the country, the Burana Tower. After the visit we will have lunch at a local family's house and arrive in the afternoon to the city where we will enjoy our last night. where we will enjoy our last night. Overnight in hotel.
Full board
16 - Bishkek - City of origin
Early in the morning, transfer to the airport to fly back to our city of origin. Arrival in the evening.
- - -

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