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2022 ski season opens

The winter tourist season opened in Kyrgyzstan at the end of November. About 70% of the area of Kyrgyzstan is occupied by magnificent mountains, which are ideal for skiing.

The most beautiful mountains of Kyrgyzstan (over seven thousand meters high) will be a great discovery for nature lovers and skiers who have not yet been to the country. The ski season lasts from early December to early March, and the best time for skiing is February and March.

There are many ski resorts in Kyrgyzstan and several of them are not far from the city of Bishkek, with some of the most popular ones being a little further away, such as the one in the city of Karakol, by Issyk Kul Lake. Every weekend locals who are fond of skiing come to different resorts to enjoy themselves.

In addition, one of the new types of extreme winter tourism is ice climbing. In recent years it has become very popular among tourists. Kyrgyzstan has many interesting places for this activity, from big mountains to waterfalls.

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